Where to Buy it?

Central Selling Organization (CSO)

To buy diamonds at the CSO it is necessary to be a member. As the number is limited and controlled by De Beers, you will understand that this purchase cicuit is intended for the elite of the diamond trade. The value of each sight varies from US$ 500,000 to US$ 2,000,000. There is no place for the « small buyer »…

« Outside » market

This market offers much more prospect than the CSO especially if your financial capacity is modest. It consists of diamond wholesalers, diamond mining companies and diamond buying and sales offices in Africa.
It is useless to specify that it is imperative to know about rough diamonds or to be accompanied by an expert in this field before buying anything. Swindles are not rare and the beginners can lose (a lot of) money.

The companies which exploit the diamondiferous concessions and the diamond purchasing and sales offices have already their network fo the sales of diamonds. These people know perfectly the value of rough diamonds and if you want to make a deal with them, margin wil be charge which will not cover all your costs (including your trip)!!
The artisan who works on its concession and who discovers a diamond must sell it at a collector. This collector (who can work for an buying and saling office or be independent). He can resell it to another collector or to a diamond buying and saling office. Inevitably, the price of that diamond will increase. That diamond will arrive sooner or later at a diamond buying and saling office, which is the only one (with the mining companies) being able to export diamonds. The people who work in these diamond buying and saling offices do know the perfect value of that diamond. Under these conditions, the transaction remain difficult.

The best solution consists of searching for an opportunity in the producer country, in order to open a diamond buying and saling office or to participate in small diamond mining by modernizing the equipments and materials in exchange for a share in the company. Many of these small mining firms do work with rudimentary equipments and without the financial capacity to progress. They hold mining licences and have relations with the Ministry of Energy & Mines and also with the Chamber of Mines which do facilites the operations.
In some countries the major banks do buy diamonds from the small mining companies with the intention to sell those diamonds when need for changes is necessary.

Diamond exchange, bourse

You can buy rough diamonds if you know a person who is member of a bourse. You will be able to negotiate and conclude your purchases, in full safety. It is more advisable to get information about the reputation of this company if you intend to buy your diamonds from them, because all companies are differents.

Black market

The black market would represent 50 % of the world market, it is not negligible. As you know, black marquet is not legal. Therefore you are free to try your chances from buying on black market. Swindles are more numerous than good bargains…
Each year, some people are expel from these producer countries while trying to buy illegal diamonds. The producer countries have people in hotels placed at strategic areas in order to intercept the spiteful people.
It is not necessary to go and buy diamonds from the mining companies to optain a good deal. In theory it appears to be the best solution, but there are many producers countries which will defend their interests by having mining police, private police and other security offices who observe these strategic areas and arrest all persons not having the authorization to do business.
Diamonds are in very big rough demand, it has always been and it will always be…

As you may see, buying rough diamonds is not a simple thing, it is a business for specialists and experts. A very good knowledge of rough diamond is very important, good relations are essential and of course the financial capacity must be sufficient.


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