Carat Weight

The measuring unit is the metric carat, which corresponds to the fifth of 1 gram, that is to say 2 decigrams.
Thus 1 carat = 0.2 gram.
The balance must be well installed under shelter:
draughts (to be avoided).
heat sources.
vibrations (anti-vibratory table).
The stone must be clean.
Be careful with the precision of the balance.
Set or reset to zero.
Weighting in vacuum (to be more accurate).
In many major diamond-trading countries and international industry organizations, a diamond’s weight can only be rounded up to the next higher hundredth from nine thousandths of a carat. Following this convention, a stone which weighs 1.568 carats would be rounded to 1.56 carats; but one which weighs 1.569 carats would be rounded to 1.57 carats.
This unit of weight does not have anything to do with the karats of gold alloys.
The carat is divided into 100 points (hundredths of metric carat), in other words, a diamond of 0.25 carat has 25 points. The same thing applies to the other precious stones, example: a sapphire of 1.15 carat weighs 1 carat and 15 points.

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