More Guidance for De Beers Case Claims

17 08 2010

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee continues to provide guidance for resellers who submit claims to the De Beers class action settlement fund. To submit a claim that includes all resellers’ purchases that qualify for compensation, resellers may have to make an extra copy of two particular pages of the form to claim both “diamond only” jewelry and jewelry containing “mixed stones.”

The guidance on the court-approved form (pages 5 and 6) developed by the parties to the suit states that the reseller should “check only one” when reporting purchases of either jewelry containing diamonds only, or mixed diamonds and other gemstones jewelry. However, JVC is advising that the reseller is not obligated to make such a choice, but can claim both “diamond only” jewelry and jewelry that contains both diamonds and other gemstones.

In order to claim all purchases that qualify, the reseller should either photocopy or download multiple copies of pages 5 and 6 of the claim form and fill in one copy as “diamond only” and the second copy as “mixed jewelry”. In all events, multiple printed forms can and should be used, as some in the trade will have multiple purchases that can’t physically fit on one printed form.




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