Precious pendants from The Jewellery Channel

14 08 2010

Quality jewellery at moderate prices – The Jewellery Channel sets itself apart

The Jewellery Channel does not only offer a wide range of beautiful and precious pendants, but also does so at good value

Necklaces are almost the most favourite piece of jewellery since they are consistent with every occasion and are furthermore the most versatile piece of jewellery.

The Jewellery Channel does not only offer a wide variety of beautiful necklaces, but also a great choice of noble and precious pendants. Especially very thin and fine necklaces become a pure eye-catcher when they are adorned with a beautiful pendant.

Precious Treasures

As well as the necklaces, the pendants are made of different materials such as gold, silver, platinum or bronze. A special highlight are pendants adorned with precious gemstones or diamonds. Take for example the pendant made of white gold adorned with three London blue topaz, four Swiss blue topaz and four Sky blue topaz, as well as four white topaz, all in round cut, or the noble pendant made of yellow gold adorned with a rhodolith in caree-cut.

Pendants suit themselves perfectly as a little something for someone special, be it a friend or the partner. Adorned with a special dedication, jewellery admirers will get particularly excited about the beautiful pendants from The Jewellery Channel.

Unbeatable Concept

The Jewellery Channel exclusively offers the most valuable jewellery at high quality for The Jewellery Channel is responsible for its goods from the moment they are mined to the moment they arrive at the customer. The Jewellery Channel draws its goods directly from the mines and also works them in captive factories. Furthermore does The Jewellery Channel offer its precious jewellery at very moderate and affordable prices due to their unique business strategy. Since The Jewellery Channel takes the responsibility for its goods and jewellery from the start, overpriced intermediary are spared out. Those considerable cost savings are then passed on to the customers.




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