Furrer-Jacot Les Essentiels

14 08 2010

PRESS RELEASE — Exclusive solitaire rings for the 150th anniversary

The latest solitaire collection from the Swiss jewellery brand places its trust in the combination of the classical and the modern. The diamond as the symbol of sensuality and eternity is placed in an exciting setting but at the same time in a minimalist way.

With his latest solitaire ring collection the Furrer-Jacot designer Lucas Ruppli has succeeded in combining classic engagement rings with the modern solitaire diamond. The diamond in each ring enjoys a solo appearance and is able to give its most brilliant per-formance.

Breathtaking brilliance is created by the solitaire rings for diamonds starting from 1.0 carat, which will play the main role with passion and provide the wearer with a glamorous appear-ance in the spotlight.

In the combination with platinum the diamonds unfold their beauty fully and completely. The modern classics are ideal not only as a romantic companion for the engagement but also as a personal reward for a very special moment.

It goes without saying that at FURRER-JACOT the execution of the design meets the highest quality standards of the Swiss goldsmith’s art.




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